Debating about Europe, to beat the anti-European populism.


Riccardo Pozzi, President of the “European Crossroads”.

“We must encourage the next generation to question the ideas that are presented to them, including those presented by us, to understand their meaning and reason for their existence”. These words, said by the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, in a recent article published in the “Corriere della Sera”, is the essence of “European Crossroads”. The world needs “critical thinking” to rediscover places and ways of feeding public debate, which can not be a monopoly of television talk shows, whom in turn are in an identity crisis.

With this association we intend to rehabilitate the tradition of “Europeanist thought and action” mentioned by Tommaso Padoa Schioppa. In particular, we recall the argument that Europe’s difficulties would essentially depend “on the lack of Europe, on the union that is not there, not on the Union that exists and that we see operating in such a disappointing way.”.

We intend to create a real public space, even in the virtual world, where it is possible, regardless of age, nationality and political sensitivity, to make a discuss, even critically, on the future of Europe. We should able to overcome the clichés in trying to respond to the challenges and to train the so-called “life skills” in the encounter with positions different from the personal ones. Using us as a reference point, will not diminish the difficulties that Europe is going through: “of the imaginary shortcomings of Europe we must take care to understand its groundlessness. Of the real ones to understand the reasons and remedy them “, or at least try.

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