About us

“European Crossroads” was born and is set to life by a group of professionals, who believe in the actuality of building a “new European dream” to live in.

In the image of the “crossroads” is an indication of the selected working method: the association proposes as a “crossroads” between sense, bonds and value. In fact, it was decided to set the search for meaning in being together as Europeans not as individuals, which in turn would constitute a network, transversal by nationality and skills, capable of generating value and make decisions.

It has thus formed an independent, international and non-profit association which is focused in promoting thought, debate, exchange of experiences and practices on the internal and external challenges to which Europe is called. What we stand for includes:

  • “Public space”, where it is possible to experience open, informed and reasoned debate, between generations, cultures (even political ones), different religious traditions, putting values, visions and ideas in circulation; experiencing “the exposure to the different” and creating bonds of solidarity and cooperative relations between East and West;
  • “Cenacle of thought”, which has the idea, in the encounter and dialogue between stories of personal and collective experiences, to think and rethink the political culture of popularism and its translation in terms of centrist policies in European and international contexts;
  • “Policy laboratory for politics”, which – in the promotion of studies and interdisciplinary studies on transformation and innovation processes and on contemporary social, cultural, economic and political challenges – develops working methods, proposals, replicable and sustainable projects that have a real and measurable impact, with the end result of submission to institutions and decision-makers;
  • “Capacity Builder”, addressed to the younger generations but also to adults, not necessarily involved or active in a party or politics, through a generative exchange of knowledge, knowledge and experience, which contributes to creating mature political thinking and action. to feed the renewal of the ruling classes;
  • “Aggregator” of documents and good practices, which revolve around Europe, which is a platform of data and multimedia, to create communities and mobilize energy.